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Allemagne : rejet des Grecs et Italiens par les nationalistes allemands

[14] German skinheads attack ethnic Greek in Munich

BERLIN, 15/01/2001 (ANA - P. Stangos)

A 31-year-old Greek man, who was brutally beaten by five neo-Nazi skinheads Friday night outside a Munich restaurant, was reported out of danger on Sunday.

The unidentified man, a resident of the Bavarian capital, was taken to hospital with head injuries. Another group of about 10 men, led by two Turkish immigrants passed by the scene, came to his aid and repulsed the five skinheads.

Police arrested 15 youths in relation to the incident.
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Last Updated: Monday, 15 September, 2003, 13:16 GMT 14:16 UK

German neo-Nazi threat 'rising'

The threat to Germany from neo-Nazis has risen to a new level, Interior Minister Otto Schily has warned.

The discovery of a suspected plot to bomb a Munich Jewish centre during a visit by the German president has "dramatically confirmed" the danger to society, he said on Monday.

At least 10 suspects were held and up to 14kg (31lb) of explosives seized in police raids last week.

Officials believe plans were being made to bomb the centre on 9 November, when its foundation stone is due to be laid at a ceremony attended by President Johannes Rau, Bavarian governor Edmund Stoiber and Jewish leader Paul Spiegel.

The suspected attack would have coincided with the anniversary of the Nazis' 1938 Kristallnacht attacks, when thousands of Jewish targets were attacked and dozens murdered.

"One could (even) say there is a new quality of terror, though we know from previous times that in right-extremist circles bombing attacks were planned and carried out," Mr Schily told Germany's ZDF television, referring a 1980 attack that killed 13 people.

"There have been hints that right extremists are really a great potential danger for our society... and this has now been dramatically confirmed."

Mr Schily praised the police for their operation.

A "hit list" detailing other possible targets, including mosques, a Greek school and an Italian target, had been recovered, said Bavarian Interior Minister Guenther Beckstein.

The explosives included at least 1.7kg of TNT. Weapons, grenades and ammunition were also recovered.

German media reports at the weekend speculated on the possible phenomenon of a neo-Nazi "Brown Army Faction", referring to the disbanded left-wing Red Army Faction.

"Faced with the flood of pictures from the Middle East, we had forgotten what extremists could also plan here at home," wrote commentator Guido Heinen in Die Welt.

"German political terrorism is back."

The magazine Focus said the internet had apparently been used to collect information on Munich's religious centres.
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New Racist Assault

Skinheads Beat Up Three Greeks in Eastern Berlin

Another racist attack in Germany -- three Greeks were attacked and beaten up by 12 skinheads in the Pankow district of eastern Berlin.

A group of around 12 Germans with shaven heads attacked and beat up two Greek waiters and a Greek barmaid on Saturday night in eastern Berlin, shouting "Piss off you shit foreigners."

A police spokesman said 11 men and one woman had been detained. Some of them face charges of bodily harm, disturbing the peace and robbery.

The two Greek men were taken to hospital after the attack in the city's eastern district of Pankow. One was treated for a broken arm and the other for injuries to his face. The woman was pushed but not injured.

Racist attacks on foreigners occur frequently in eastern Germany, prompting anti-racist campaigners and the Central Council of Jews in Germany to warn that parts of the region are becoming "no-go" areas for ethnic minorities.

A widely reported attack on eight Indian men in the eastern town of Mügeln in August sparked a nationwide debate about how to tackle racism and right-wing extremism in the former communist east of the country.

But, as expected, that debate has now died down and there is little evidence that authorities are making a significant effort to tackle the problem.

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