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Hongrie : le parti Jobbik soutient la République Turque de Chypre du Nord (RTCN)

Hungarian Jobbik Party Against Economic and Political Isolation of Northern-Cyprus

16/05/2011 10:49:00

The third largest political party of the Hungarian National Assembly, the opposition Jobbik party (Movement for a Better Hungary) submitted a draft resolution to Parliament on 12 May on resolving the political and economic isolation of Northern-Cyprus.
The document was signed by Gábor Vona president and parliamentary fraction-leader, Tamás Hegedűs deputy-leader of the fraction and chairman of the Turkish-Hungarian friendship group of the Parliament and Márton Gyöngyösi, vice-chairman of the Parliament’s foreign affairs committee and leader of Jobbik’s foreign affairs committee.

The draft resolution recalls a line of discriminatory measures and historical episodes that resulted in full political and economic isolation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). It refers to the decisions made by the European Union in 2004 aimed at bringing a solution to this isolation.

The implementation of the proposed plan-of-action was practically prevented by Cyprus – that joined the EU in that year but the government of which de facto represents only the Southern, Greek-inhibited part of the island – and Greece. As referred to by the document, the peaceful unification of the island was blocked by the Greek population when it rejected the Annan-Plan, however it is the Turkish side seeking and supporting a peaceful resolution that is bearing the negative consequences.

The resolution invokes the Hungarian government to use its political weight derived from the EU presidency to initiate that the EU implements earlier decisions and commitments aimed at re-integrating Northern-Cyprus into the international economic flow, which endeavours have been effectively countered by politically opposing sides since 2004. It also calls upon the Hungarian government to establish connections with the government of TRNC and open a commercial consulate in Northern-Cyprus in order to advance bilateral economic ties.

Jobbik recently submitted another draft resolution to the Hungarian Parliament on the condemnation of the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, the cessation of the Armenian occupation and the return of the Azerbaijani refugees and internally displaced persons to their homes. The Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament will soon discuss and vote on both draft resolutions.

Budapest – 12 May, 2011
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