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Londres : les propriétaires de magasins turcs se défendent eux-mêmes face aux émeutiers jamaïcains

07 August, 2011 09:51 (GMT +01:00)
Police lose control of streets shop owners form local "protection units"

News Desk 9am Sunday

Shop owners along Wood Green, Turnpike Lane and Green Lanes, the majority of which are of Kurdish or Turkish owned have formed local protection units following riots in Tottenham which have spilled over to Wood Green.

"We do not have any trust in the local police, our shops are next on the target list by the thugs who have ransacked Tottenham, we will protect our property",
said  a leading member of the Green Lanes "unit".

Shop owners have been seen by London Daily News reporters carrying crow bars, and other objects in case of attacks.

Groups of Turkish/Kurdish shop owners were meeting on street corners in Green Lanes this morning planning what would be the best course of action if rioters were to target their shops.

Shops at the top of Green Lanes nearer to Turnpike Lane have been closed with units of Met Police officers patrolling the streets.

In Wood Green the shopping centre has been according to local police reports "ransacked".  HMV and H&M and other shops on Wood Green High Road have been looted.

Groups of youths have been seen smashing up cash machines and shop fronts, with the Met Police ineffective and unable to contain the outbreaks of violence.

Orlando Breody a Wood Green resident and one of the looters from last night said to The London Daily News this morning:

"Its now time the police and the Government experience the anger of the people we will not stop until justice is seen to be done over the execution of Mark Duggan".

Intelligence from local groups in Wood Green and Tottenham are indicating that more violence is expected on Sunday in Tottenham and Wood Green with Brixton now likely to see the next flashpoints.

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