mercredi 30 septembre 2015

Edirne (Turquie) : 1.500 réfugiés, bloqués à la frontière par les autorités turques, sont renvoyés dans les provinces anatoliennes

Refugees blocked near Turkey-Greece border disperse

EDİRNE, Turkey - Agence France-Presse

Hundreds of mostly Syrian migrants who had been blocked for days by police in the northwestern Turkish city of Edirne while trying to reach the nearby Greek border have agreed to abandon their roadside protest.
A group of around 500 people, who had been engaged in a standoff with riot police on the road leading into the city since Sept.15, lifted their makeshift camp at night on Sept.19 and left the area in buses provided by local authorities, an AFP photographer witnessed.
Some joined a larger group of around 1,500 migrants still waiting inside the city for the chance to continue their journey over land to Greece, a mere 10 kilometres (six miles) away, or Bulgaria, which is about twice that distance.
Others took buses back to Istanbul, about 250 kilometres to the east.
At a meeting with a delegation of refugees on Sept.19 evening Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu had appealed to the refugees to "end their protest by Monday [Sept.21]", he wrote on Twitter.
"The voices of our Syrian brothers have been heard by the entire world. They must now return to a normal life," Davutoğlu wrote, promising more aid to the more than two million Syrian refugees living in Turkey to prevent them trying to illegally cross into Europe.
"We are ready to send people to countries who open their doors to them, but unfortunately no country has given a favourable response so far," he added.
The refugees gathered in Edirne, who included a large number of children, has been demanding to be allowed travel to Europe by land instead of risking their lives in overcrowded migrant boats in the Aegean Sea.
On Sept.19 evening, police used batons to repel a group of around people, who tried to storm police lines, chanting "open the doors".
Many of the Syrians pouring into Europe have been living in Turkey for months, sometimes years. They complain that Turkey's failure to grant them full refugee status has made it a struggle to access basic services and jobs.

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1,500 refugees sent from Edirne to other Turkish cities

EDİRNE – Anadolu Agency

Syrian refugees, who have waited over 10 days near Turkey’s border with Greece in an attempt to reach Europe, were sent back to different provinces in Turkey, the governor of the northwestern Edirne province said.

Around 1,500 refugees were sent from the northwestern Edirne province, which borders Greece and Bulgaria, since late Sept. 21, Governor Ali Şahin told Anadolu Agency.

They left the city in buses provided by the governor’s office for the refugees to head to the provinces they wished, including western province of İzmir, Bursa, Kütahya and southeastern province of Gaziantep, said the governor. The refugees had headed to the Greek border in northwestern Turkey in an attempt to avoid deadly sea travel from Aegean towns to Europe.

“There are also some others [refugees], who also want to leave [Edirne to go to Turkey’s other provinces].

We are registering them and sending them by buses coming from Istanbul,” Şahin said.

Meanwhile, both Greece and Bulgaria have sent additional forces in order to prevent refugees from crossing their borders with Turkey, according to the governor.

However, around 1,000 refugees are still waiting in Edirne, hoping to be able to cross into Europe.

Meanwhile, five people, including a German and a French national, were detained Sept. 21 in Istanbul for allegedly encouraging Syrian refugees to head for Turkey’s border with the EU, police said.

The suspects are accused of aiding and abetting refugees in circumventing police restrictions on migrants heading for Edirne.

Around 3,000 refugees were waiting at Istanbul’s main bus station to travel to the province, where thousands are already seeking to enter the EU.

The suspects – identified as German national N.S., French national C.L. and Syrians A.S., A.F., and M.F. – were said to have incited refugees against the Turkish police and persuaded them against cooperating with the authorities.

They are accused of encouraging groups of refugees to set off on foot for Edirne.

Earlier Sept. 21, police intercepted a 500-strong group of Syrian refugees walking along a highway near Istanbul toward the province.

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